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The administration of the Costa Rican biologic richness rests on the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications (MINAET) and in it, specifically on the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC), responsible of the conservations and sustainable promotion of the country’s biodiversity. SINAC oversees 11 conservation areas in the country and has a superior direction that provides technical support.

Today, the System of National Parks and Reserves comprises an area of 1342 hectares, which traslates in 25.6% of the country’s surface. These areas are constituted by isles and beaches, rainforests and dry forests, active volcanos, thermal springs, caves, mountain chains, river canyons and waterfalls. Currently, there are 186 protected zones, among them biologic reserves, national parks, wildlife refuges, among others.

Conservation Areas

Marine Conservation Area Isla del Coco

Conservation Area Tempisque

Conservation Area Arenal-Tempisque

Conservation Area Guanacaste

Conservation Area Huetar Norte

Conservation Area Pacífico Central

Conservation Area Cordillera Volcánica Central

Conservation Area Tortuguero

Conservation Area La Amistad-Caribe

Conservation Area La Amistad-Pacífico

Conservation Area Osa

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National System of Conservation Areas




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