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Costa Rica, with its privileged weather, its highly qualified young population and its high social indexes, has achieved to position itself as one of the countries that receives the most foreign direct investment in Latin America. Foreign investors are attracted by its political stability, which has always characterized the country and by the high education levels of its working population.

Up until today, more than 400 multinationals have chosen Costa Rica to establish their operations. Costa Rica has also positioned itself like one of the best destinations for high tech companies specially in the advanced manufacturing sector (electronic, automotive, aerospace), clean technologies (focused on solar and eolic energy) medical and biotechnology equipment, as well as in the service sector in developing software, design and engineering.

Some incentives that the country offers to foreign investors are:

•   Demonstrated trajectory

•   Well-educated human resource

•   Strategic localization

•   Quality infrastructure

•   Excellent business environment

The Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE) is the organization in charge of assisting potential investors in establishing their business in the country.


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