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VISA FOR NON-RESIDENTS (Tourist or Business)

Only for citizens of the European Union:

Citizens of member countries of the European Union do not require a special visa to enter Costa Rica for tourism or business purposes. However, at the airport in Costa Rica, the following documents must be submitted:

  1. Proof of exit to another country within 90 days of entry into Costa Rica, which can be a:
    1. Flight ticket
    2. Busticket
    3. Boat Ticket
    4. Flight plan in case of a private flight
    5. Navigation plan (stating the port of destination) in case of a private ship
  2. Proof of economic means to stay in Costa Rica as a tourist (minimum US$100 per month).
  3. International valid passport. It must be in good condition.
  4. In some cases, a yellow fever vaccine is required, per the following criteria here.

Further information in spanish you can find on the following website:


Who needs a visa to enter Costa Rica as non-resident (tourism or business)?

Citizens of countries that are NOT in the following list, must apply for a tourist visa, except for the following circumstances:

a) If you have a visa (tourist visa, crew member visa, business visa) for the United States, Canada that is stamped into your passport and valid for at least 6 month.

b) If you have a legal residence permit (residence, work permit, study permit) for the United States, Canada and/or EU Countries with a validity of at least 6 month.

These documents have to be translated into spanish with a apostille or legalization.

Please take into account that refugees have to apply for a tourist visa in any case.

What happens if I enteras a tourist and wish to apply for a residence in Costa Rica?

A person can enter Costa Rica as a tourist and subsequently request a change of non-immigrant status. The application process must be done at the Immigration Department in Costa Rica and a fee of US$200.00 will be charged.



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