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Costa Rica has always given great importance to the development and strengthening of the national education system. Education in Costa Rica is free and a duty since 1870 and presently, the country has one of the best literacy rates in the world with around 98.04% of individuals older than 15 years old that are able to read and write.  

According to the World Economic Forum Report on Global Competitiveness 2011-2012, the education system of Costa Rica occupies the 23rd place in the world, the highest in Latin America.

The education system is divided in three main levels: primary and secondary (high-school) education and the university level. Primary and secondary education is free and obligatory between the ages of 6 and 15 years old.

There are more than 9300 educational centers in the country, of which approximately 200 are private and bilingual, being the most spoken languages English, French and German. These institutions additionally offer programs that are internationally recognized such as “advanced placement” and the “international Baccalaureate”.

Moreover, there are more than 50 universities, being the public institutions the most recognized due to its academic excellence and the good reputation of the professionals from them graduated. Among the most recognized universities are: the Universidad de Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional, el Instituto Tecnológico y la Universidad Estatal a Distancia.


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