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REQUEST FOR CRIMINAL RECORD (Hoja de delincuencia)

If you are a Costa Rican citizen or a foreigner that lived for a period of time in Costa Rica, you can request a criminal record personally by sending the following documents to the Embassy:

  1. Letter of request indicating the following information from the applicant:
    1. Complete name
    2. Number of identification document
    3. Date of birth
    4. Complete name of both parents
    5. Name and identification number of the person that will be authorized to withdraw the certificate at the Judiciary Registry in Costa Rica.
  2. Copy of both sides of the valid Costa Rican identification card (cédula de identidad) or copy of the information pages of the valid passport for foreigners.

Time for the application process: 10 working days.

The withdrawal of the certificate must be done personally by the authorized person in the Judiciary Registry in Costa Rica

Cost: Free

Legal basis:

  • - Ley 6723 del Registro y Archivos Judiciales.Article 13, subsection 15) and 14).



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